Samsung Galaxy S24 Review | Should I upgrade to the Plus/Ultra?

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S24, the best (and only) compact phone of 2024 boasting upgraded AI camera shenanigans - and an Exynos 2400 chipset. So is this Samsung Galaxy S24 worth the price, how's the battery life and gaming tech, and can you stop mentioning AI please? Hit play to find out!

Grab your mini flagship phone here:

This mini smartphone is smaller and cheaper than the Plus and Ultra models, yet boasts the same OneUI 6.1 features and AI tools. The Samsung S24 is packed with great stuff, but my favourites are the photo editing tools. That Galaxy camera has improved in a few ways and generally dependable, but even rubbish shots can be saved in a few seconds.

One of the first flagships of the year is powered by Samsung's own Exynos 2400 here in the UK, like the Plus. The Galaxy S24 is still beefy enough to cope with gaming on Genshin Impact, but stumbles at times. And battery life only drops when you're doing camera or gaming shenanigans.

Check out my Snapdragon vs Exynos video for more on that nerdy chip stuff, and my Samsung Galaxy S24, Plus and Ultra tips and tricks guide for a closer look at One UI 6.1. Are you tempted by this Samsung S24 smartphone? Let us know below!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Trouser based fun times
0:44 - Design
2:39 - One UI 6.1 & AI features
5:56 - Display & audio
7:58 - Performance & gaming
10:02 - Battery life
11:25 - Cameras
15:10 - Editing
16:03 - Verdict "

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