THE FLASH (How to Ruin a Franchise) EXPLORED

Well, it's been a decade since The Flash was announced, and the cinematic landscape has shifted dramatically since then.

The film has endured a long, fiery journey through production hell, replete with a carousel of directors, countless script revisions, rescheduled release dates, and a total production and marketing budget that ballooned well past the $400 million mark.

This all before James Gunn dropped the bombshell that the entire current DC canon is essentially irrelevant as they're hitting the reset button.

With the film suffering from one of the worst opening weekends for a superhero film, a horrific 81% drop-in box-office receipts in its second week, making it the worst performing superhero film since Steel and Morbius, it appears the flash is in trouble.

So, does the film justify the seemingly endless wait? Does it live up to some of the hyperbolic praise labeling it "the greatest superhero movie of all time"? Or does the very loose adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline from the comics, simply use nostalgia as a smokescreen to obscure its many shortcomings?

Before we dive into the story, its characters, and the many problems with the movie, including the woeful CGI, (which, per the director, Andy Muschietti was a "conscious choice"), let's unpack the chaotic Production process that got us here.

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