iPhone 14 Pro Max Long Term Review: The Phone I Hate to Love

So you might remember last year I used my first iPhone in more than a decade, going from the open world of Android to Apple's walled garden. And while using other Android phones throughout 2023, I've always kept my #iPhone14Pro close by.

It's been a big learning experience as I've used both the iPhone 14 Pro and #iPhone14ProMax alongside the likes of the Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy 23 Ultra and Oppo Find X6 Pro. So this is my long-term #review of using Apple's leading iPhones alongside the best Android has to offer!

0:00 Intro
0:26 Hardware
1:54 Battery Life
5:29 Cameras
7:35 iOS 16 - 16.5
10:37 Wrap-up

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