iPhone 14 Pro Max Re-Review | Nine Months Later...

Reviewing Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max after long term use, to see how the camera tech, gaming, battery life etc compares vs the Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung S23 Ultra and more. The iPhone 14 Pro Max still costs from £1200 in the UK, so it's one of the most expensive smartphones despite its age.

However, Apple's slab is still one of the best for video capture, even if the camera isn't as dependable in softer light. The Galaxy S23 Ultra trumps the iPhone 14 Pro Max for night photography, as does the Pixel 7 Pro and Xiaomi's super-priced phones.

Another highlight is the battery life. This brick can keep going all day even with heavy use, including lots of camera play and a bit of gaming. Again, the Samsung S23 Ultra is a close rival, but not many Android flagship smartphones are this good. Shame about the iPhone 14 Pro Max's charging speeds then.

Media fans will love the crisp and bold display, minus the silly 'dynamic island' shenanigans, plus that loud and crisp stereo speaker setup. Apple's iOS16 is something I don't get on with, but plenty of people out there prefer it to Android, so it's all down to personal taste.

That's what I think of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2023, ahead of the iPhone 15 launch in September. Have you been enjoying your almighty Apple blower? Definitely let us know your thoughts below, and whether you think the Pro Max is a solid alternative to the S23 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro!

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2023 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Something about babies
0:47 - Design
2:25 - iOS 16 & features
5:15 - Display & audio
6:54 - Performance & gaming
7:46 - Battery life
8:37 - Cameras
11:55 - Verdict

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