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Timeclock 365 - PREMIUM Monthly Membership

Premium Edition: Complete Time and Attendance platform for Mobile and Office Employees ,Projects and Tasks,Who's Working(Employee Location, Whos Driving,Live Map ,Route History,including a full featured management platform.

Special feature: Employee Location Module

Managers are able to specify employee's contract terms (e.g. holidays, sickness leave, overtime, breaks etc.)

Alerts to Managers include: absence, tardiness, overtime capacity, etc).

Managers and employees can add projects and tasks though the app.

Advanced reporting tool to managers and payroll managers.

Office employees are able punch in and out via a mobile device app and a simple web portal

  • Timeclock 365 is a SaaS cloud based product. With TimeClock 365 solution, organizations now have a toolbox of capabilities to better manage their employees’ time, performance, projects, and more.
  • Timeclock 365 platform includes new generation real time platform of time and attendance, with lots of customizable alerts, reports and a lot more…
  • Better work performance of employees.
  • Higher awareness of time usage in the organization leading to time saving.
  • Reduction of costs.
  • High features vs Cost ratio.
  • Managers can limit employee punch-in and punch-out to specific IP addresses or locations (device GPS enforcement).
  • Punch-in reminders to employees via email or app notification.


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