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5 Things We Know About KUNG FU PANDA 4

5 things we know about Kung Fu Panda 4. No. 1, The Chameleon is now the most powerful villain in Dreamworks but her only weakness is that her eye color remains blue after shapeshifting, exposing her real identity. No. 2, The fox aka Zhen is Po’s new sidekick. Her character is based on the corsac fox species. No. 3, The Furious Five is nowhere to be seen in this trailer which indicate that they might have the least amount of screen time in this movie. No. 4, When Po said “Skadoosh”, it’s a slang word which means ”See ya later!”. And no. 5, As Po gets older, he becomes funnier as well. He’s too lucky not to get shot by 12 arrows, his belly jiggled when he dropped his cookie, nature tried to feed him Sakura, and lastly, he sneezed through his butt.

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