Franceinfo TV Channel Launch (HD) (CC)

Launch, intro of the first news bulletin and first headlines reminder of French brand new TV channel Franceinfo.

Franceinfo is the fifth all news TV channel in France, and the fourth national one (as France 24 is mainly dedicated to international broadcasting). France 24 excluded, it's the first public service news channel in History, in this country. It's begun airing on September 1st at 8 p.m., after a preview on the day before (, with the challenge of bringing the news in a whole new way - with more space for analysing and images, a different tone, and less 'hard news' contrary to rival channels BFM TV or iTélé.

Intro's, studio and on-air design have been designed by french company Movement, and music was made by famous french musician Jean-Michel Jarre and the Radio-France Orchestra.

© Bintro, France Télévisions, Radio France, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France Médias Monde
1080p60, 2016 "

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