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Samsung Galaxy S24 Review - The PERFECT Small Phone?

I don't think people realized it, but phones getting bigger started off as more of a form following function. I mean Steve Jobs even used the words "we've made something wonderful for your hand" when the first iPhone was launched, mainly because the original idea was for your phone to be ergonomic. I seriously wonder if Samsung ever thought the first Galaxy Note would ever become the phenomenon that it was. It's funny in retrospect that all of us in the media mocked the concept of using a phone that big, only for the market to force even Apple to follow the trend.

Now I say form follows function because at first it really was just a concept, which then evolved into the need of giving users more endurance, since battery technology hasn't really shrunk in a decade. At the time you picked the big phone because you wanted it to last longer, but I'm sure many of you still struggle with handling it every day. I'm sure that if any company were to figure out how to make a great small phone with amazing battery life, you might think twice… and well, it seems the time has finally come.

This is the Galaxy S24, Samsung's smallest of its latest flagships, and maybe the best phone for anyone that's looking for a great phone on a more ergonomic package. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's dive in to our full review.

If you're interested in purchasing the Galaxy S24:
Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/3UNvhcv
BestBuy: https://howl.me/clEOS7FgTAu
Samsung.com: https://howl.me/clEORBx2VMk
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